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Science of Light Vol-1 Lite: Basic Physics Concepts by Learning Rabbit

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Sviluppatore Honeycomb Solutions Private Limited

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Would you like to know how we see objects around us, or what causes light to bend?
This is a highly engaging and interactive app that helps in comprehensively understanding and applying the basic concepts of light with the help of animation and fun-filled simulation.
Learn about the following:
* How we see things
* Types of materials and behavior with light (in full version)
* Color of objects (in full version)
* Formation of shadows (in full version)
* Reflection of light (in full version)
* Refraction of light (in full version).

This app is aligned with Bloom’s taxonomy, and draws from Common Core State Standards* and Next Generation Science Standards*. As a member of the KNOW What’s Inside program, this app has been designed especially for children, with special attention to online privacy.

The app is packed with the following features:
1. Whats (Animation) and Hows (Concepts): Study basics of light and grasp them in detail with easy to understand 3-D animation, and simulation in concepts
2. Quiz: Test your understanding of concepts and ability to relate to real life examples
3. Did You Know: View interesting facts and snippets of information about light from both a historical perspective and current context
4. Explore More: Apply the concepts you read to simple experiments using objects around you.
The suggested sequence for going through various modules in this app is Animation-Concepts-Quiz-Did You Know-Explore More.

This app is intended:
(a) for students primarily in the age group of 8 to 15 years who want to understand concepts from scratch,
(b) as a supplemental guide for teachers, and
(c) as a reference tool for those who want to strengthen their understanding of the subject.

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For further information, please contact us at:
Twitter: @LearningRabbit