Science of Light Vol-1 Lite: Basic Physics Concepts by Learning Rabbit App Reviews

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This is the thing am looking for thanks to developers.highly recommended.

Great app

My son and I went through this and he asked a lot of good questions that the app helped to answer and I learned a few things myself!

Having fun with my niece

It's fun and what I really like it's an educational apps. Children's prefer iPads to books now and this app helps to teach and entertain at the same time!

Great tool to learn light

Good to know more about light

Cool way of learning science!

This is a cool and amazing way of learning science from A cool perspective! Jump in and enjoy the fun!

Great for ESL..

We're researching quiz games for our game Quiz Hero. This was a great find as an example of English as a second language.

Very helpful

Good app, well thought out and full of educational information.

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